Inverness at Del Lago

An RCI Affiliated Resort

Are you purchasing a week here?
Helpful Hints

If you are considering purchasing a week here from one of our owners, or on the internet either at an auction or classified site, these helpful hints may be of use to you, and even help you protect yourself against fraud.

  1. Ask the seller about the closing. Is the closing by a professional company or attorney?
  2. Ask if the closing agent and the seller is related in any way.
  3. Ask if the closing agent is insurred against errors and ommissions.
  4. If maintenance fees are included in the sale, ask if the maintenance fees are being paid to reimburse the seller or will be paid to the association.
  5. Call the resort and request information about the maintenance fees. Be sure of the status of the fees prior to your purchase.
  6. Call the resort and be sure the seller actually owns the property being sold to you.
  7. Deeds are often drafted incorrectly. The resort will gladly proof the deed for you if the seller will send you a copy prior to recording.
  8. If you are not sure how timeshare works call us. We will gladly answer your question and provide you with help from our website.

Note: The resort is unable to provide you with any information regarding the value of the week you are purchasing.